Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Morning has broken

The sweet sound of birds singing and cooing in the umbrella tree far below our 26th floor of the
Discovery Bay begin our mornings.  Another beautiful day as the darkness turns to gray and begins to fade over the mountains of Honolulu.  It's 6:00am and Waikiki is just beginning to wake up, the moon hesitating to leave the beautiful tropical sky to allow for the rising sun.  The beach walk is so very different in the early morning, so peaceful and almost empty with only the presence of people walking, running, barefooted beach boys and girls carrying surf and paddle boards heading for those sweet morning waves.  My eyes scan the horizon, water as far as I can see, the sand freshly groomed in anticipation of happy times on the beach and in the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Hawaii, a place hard to express on paper as it sweeps over and into your very being with warmth  joy, restoration and everything aloha.  A place of many years of unforgettable  memories of happy days and lovely nights.   I am a better person for having had 6 months in this place called Honolulu with these people of Aloha.  Praise with elation, praise every morning, God's recreation of the new day.
With a grateful heart--

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