Thursday, June 14, 2012

Almah Christine Nordeen

I have a very special treasure, a black tin box, which belonged to my Great Aunt Mary.  The box contains all sorts of wonders, a window into the past, and something so special, my Grandmother Almah's birth certificate  My grandmother was born in Kansas City, Missouri on June 16, 1888. She was the second daughter born to her parents, Augusta & John Gustaf Nordeen and the first generation of her Swedish-born parents to be born in the United States.  My childhood memories of my grandmother, my hand in hers, walking to the nearby cafe for a root-beer float.  I'm again, a little blond girl walking through her flower garden with her naming all the flowers in her garden, Sweet William, Pinks and bright red Salvia surrounding the Catalpa tree in her front yard. And our Sunday's at the North Kitsap Baptist Church, my heart is again with my adored Grandmother Almah.  I can hear her voice next to me "Sweet Hour of Prayer, Sweet Hour of Prayer, that calls me from a world of care, and bids me at my Father's throne, make all my wants & wishes known." My Vintage Jewel black box of memories .  Happy Birthday to you, my dear Grandmother Almah.  I loved you so------

Friday, June 1, 2012

Varmland, Sweden 1853 My Great Grandmother Augustine

My Great Aunt Mary's Emerson Birthday Book has given me a small window into so much of my past and my heritage.  My Great-Grandmother, the mother of my much-loved Grandmother Almah, and my Great Aunts Mary and Elida was born in Edsberg, Varmland County, Segerstad Socken, Sweden on July 23, 1853. Varmland County is just west of the middle of Sweden and oh, such beautiful country.  My heart can easily travel to the place of my Great-Grandmother Augustine's birthplace in the countryside of Sweden so many years ago.   Great-Aunt Mary  in her beautiful handwriting also recorded the passing of her mother and my Great-Grandmother Augustine in her birthday book.  Augustine Steuson Nordeen passed away in Everett, Washington on September 27, 1933.  Augusta was buried on September 29th.  We will have to meet another time, my dear Great-Grandmother Augustine and I.  In the meantime God has been good to me in His gift of my heritage of those who have gone before me who were believers in Christ.

"Hemma, Hemma. Fa Vi Hvila."  "Going Home, Abide with me."