Friday, April 22, 2016

Larry was a limo driver in Waikiki

 His name was Larry.  Larry Choy.  Larry owned and drove a beautiful black limo in Waikiki and it was there, at the airport, that he picked up my mother the first time for the drive into Waikiki.  It was the fall of 1977 and a time of grieving for our family as we began our life journey without my much-loved father. Still stunned and feeling the emptiness of his passing,  Honolulu,  the City of Joy and a place of so many wonderful family memories became a place of refuge and restoration for my mom.  A place our family received a special gift of friendship with Larry Choy.  It was a divine appointment my mother had when she arrived in Honolulu that beautiful, tropical evening and made her way to the limo of Larry Choy.  A friendship began that night that was to last many years and be a source of comfort and joy for my sweet mother that could only be a gift from God.  Larry was a believer in Christ.  He was a self-less man who many times brought laughter and love to our struggling days.  Years would pass with many trips to Honolulu, always greeted at the airport by Larry in his limo with his arms full of flower leis to welcome and deliver us to the darling Hawaiiana Hotel in the middle of Waikiki.   Our days in Honolulu would center around the Hawaiiana, the pools and so many meals on the patio always delivered by Larry in his limo.  Such gifts of love and aloha.  In early years, Sarah would swim for hours in those pools and later, Rachel, as a baby and toddler would add to our sweet times at the little low-rise hotel,  sometimes in the pool or napping on the patio in her crib.   And so, over the years, God made a way for healing times for us through Larry Choy and his gracious friendship in The City of Joy, the beautiful Honolulu.  Slowly overwhelming sorrow began to turn to joy as we healed with the love and support of our friend, Larry, and his beautiful heart of compassion.  Always in our hearts, and our Honolulu memories, dear Larry---

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