Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's time to go

My last day in Honolulu as, once again, it's time to go.  As I walk the beach in the early morning light  iI can't help but reflect on memories in these beautiful islands called Hawaii.  I think of you, mom, as I pass the beach of the looming Rainbow Hilton Hotel standing on the lagoon where the
thatched-roof Waikikian Hotel stood for so many years.  A place where we so often gathered with local friends for the famous eggs benedict  served overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean.  I can see the new tower of the Hilton where Ron is working and our reason for our time in Honolulu.  Waikiki has changed in many ways surrounded by high-rise hotels and lovely designer shops but at the same time, it hasn't changed at all.  Aloha permeates everything and is a constant reminder message  " don't worry about a thing, cuz every little things gonna be alright----this is my message to you." I have so loved our time here;  the warm, sunny days and tropical nights.  The long walks, floating in the ocean and dinners at the beach.   Time to be together and soak in the spirit of the islands, to worship with believers in Christ on the sandy beach of Waikiki.  I think of how often you spoke of Honolulu, mom, and the way it had captured your heart.  The Hawaiiana, our place of sweet refuge is no longer a hotel and yet as I pass by we are still sitting at the pool with Larry, watching our darlings Sarah & Rachel swim.   I was once a teen-ager visiting  Honolulu, and now a grandmother here so many years later having been restored over and over by the beautiful aloha.  Honolulu, place where the joy of sweet memories lives larger than life and only makes room for a glimpse of sorrow.   In going,  I will return to again find that piece of my heart.  Aloha and Hana Ho, beautiful Hawaii .
With a grateful heart--

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